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Passion on Journey to Self and Tonya on The Passion Project February 6, 2008

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Do you know what your passion is and yet feel stuck?

Maybe you feel unmotivated or like you ran out of steam.

This Thursday we have a great show on Journey to Self. Passion Coach, Katherine Reschke will be my guest and we will be talking about how to keep your passion fires burning.

Join us live at 12pm cst / 1pm est at http://blogtalkradio.com/journeytoself
The shows call in number is (347) 215-8942 and we would love to hear from you!

On Friday, I am very honored to join Katherine for her first show of The Passion Project http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thePassionProject at 11am cst / 12pm est. We will be talking about self-esteem and the importance of a solid foundation to build your passions upon. The Passion Project call in number is (347) 215-8725.

Your foundation of self is what you build everything in your life upon, including what you are passionate about. Tune in Thursday and Friday as we talk passionately about passion and self-esteem!


October 5th Sponsor – Jenn Givler, owner of J Givler Coaching October 3, 2007

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On Friday, October 5th, our sponsor for the chat is Jenn Givler, owner of J Givler Coaching.

8am PST / 9am MNT / 10am CST / 11am EST

Connect to the chat through Skype or your regular or cell phone. To join the chat go to: http://lifebydesignsite.com/conference.html for directions.

Our topic for this week is all about delegating. Especially delegating without assigning guilt with it because we aren’t able to do it ourselves. Why as mom’s do we think we HAVE to do it all? Why can’t we ask for help without feeling guilty about it. That is our discussion for this week. To delegate tasks, whether it be household chores, business tasks, or even allowing time for yourself.

So please do stop by our chat and join us for this great discussion!

A bit about Jenn:

Jenn Givler is the Catalyst for Thriving Businesses. She shows entrepreneurs how to break out of their mind-set traps, including fear, indecisiveness, and self-doubt. Through group coaching, intuitive readings, and e-books, Jenn motivates, inspires and empowers entrepreneurs to listen to their inner voice, stand in their power and create a thriving business. Check out her web site for more information on her e-zine and how you can receive a copy of her free report: Break Your Business Out Of Your Mind-Set Traps.