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Relationship info at MCB this Friday March 6, 2008

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We have a fabulous speaker this Friday (March 7th) at 8am pst/9am mnt/ 10am cst/ 11am est. Eric Landry from Couples Haven will stopping by to give us some great relationship information!

Eric Landry is the the founder of Eric P Landry Success Coaching, this is what he has to say about being a coach:

I am now following my dream, my passion. Now I have the drive to never stop learning and improve myself constantly. I don’t do it because I have to, I do it because I love to. Who knew that what I loved most to do all these years was to help others with their math problems. Not to actually do them myself. Who knew that I preferred showing a student how to do the Eskimo roll in a kayak than to do it myself.”

Please join us Friday, I heard Eric on The Passion Project last week and he was fabulous, this is going to be a great chat.

MCB is held in LBD’s Online Audio/Video Conference room.


Our 1st guest for 2008- Dr. Taffy Wagner January 2, 2008

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It is so easy to get into debt. The trend in live styles almost require it and along with that debt comes stress which can lead to other emotional and physical problems.

Dr. Taffy Wagner is the co-founder of Journey to Wholeness, which is an organization that mentors couples, individuals, business owners and organizations develop a plan for financial success, educate them on communication strategies and steps for beginning a business financially. She and her husband are members of the American Association of Christian Counselors. They provide one-on-one peer mentoring as well as group mentoring. Dr. Wagner is also a personal finances speaker and counselor. She recently developed “Stair Step Method”, “The Debt Stops Here” and The Debt Stops At The Altar” financial courses and packages.

Dr. Wagner believes in helping people reach their goal of financial harmony and no longer live in financial stress. Dr. Wagner has a Doctorate of Ministry in Biblical Counseling, Master’s of Science in Human Resources Management and several other degrees. She is also a military veteran. Having a diverse background gives her the opportunity to share from different aspects.

Dr. Taffy will be joining us for the first Mom’s Coffee Break of the new year!!! We will be meeting in our new audio DimDim Conference Room, Friday January 3rd at: 8am PST / 9am MNT / 10am CST / 11am EST

October 5th Sponsor – Jenn Givler, owner of J Givler Coaching October 3, 2007

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On Friday, October 5th, our sponsor for the chat is Jenn Givler, owner of J Givler Coaching.

8am PST / 9am MNT / 10am CST / 11am EST

Connect to the chat through Skype or your regular or cell phone. To join the chat go to: http://lifebydesignsite.com/conference.html for directions.

Our topic for this week is all about delegating. Especially delegating without assigning guilt with it because we aren’t able to do it ourselves. Why as mom’s do we think we HAVE to do it all? Why can’t we ask for help without feeling guilty about it. That is our discussion for this week. To delegate tasks, whether it be household chores, business tasks, or even allowing time for yourself.

So please do stop by our chat and join us for this great discussion!

A bit about Jenn:

Jenn Givler is the Catalyst for Thriving Businesses. She shows entrepreneurs how to break out of their mind-set traps, including fear, indecisiveness, and self-doubt. Through group coaching, intuitive readings, and e-books, Jenn motivates, inspires and empowers entrepreneurs to listen to their inner voice, stand in their power and create a thriving business. Check out her web site for more information on her e-zine and how you can receive a copy of her free report: Break Your Business Out Of Your Mind-Set Traps.