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Christmas All Year Long?? Sure..Why Not? January 16, 2008

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My three year old was so disappointed that we finally had to take down the Christmas decorations.  He had so much fun helping us set out the decorations and hanging the bulbs on the tree.  After the tree was up he sat mesmerized by the lights. It was the first year that he really started to understand the true magic of the whole season and he love every second of it.

In fact as we left from the visiting at my brothers house tonight he said Merry Christmas, everyone! with a wave of his hand before we stepped out the door.  In the car on the way home he asked me again why the Christmas trees had to go away.

I again told him that the Christmas trees were only for Christmas time.  Then he started talking about Santa landing on our house when he was asleep, and all the other things we did during Christmas, including listing his favorite presents.

I smiled as I listened to him chatter away, Wow! this is a kid that loves Christmas, and to him the presents were just a bonus, its the lights and the pretties, the fun and the mystery that he loved.

Why cant we have Christmas all year long?

Why cant we see the love, kindness, and laughter that we give and receive from our family as daily presents?  Maybe they aren’t wrapped in a glittery bow, but they are more priceless than any present from under the tree that we unwrapped.

Why cant we share that special time with our children decorating and looking at the beauty and magic of all seasons?

The answer of course, is that we CAN have Christmas all year long, we can take that magic, that feeling of togetherness and carry it throughout the rest of the year as well.  It doesn’t have to end when we take down the Christmas tree and put away the seasonal decorations.

I love the fact that my son is not ready to let go of Christmas, that he can keep it alive in his little boy heart.

And I am proud to learn this lesson from him.


Mom’s Coffee Break Jan. 4th with Dr. Taffy January 4, 2008

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This was a wonderful MCB Chat! Dr. Taffy Wagner gave us great tips for eliminating debt in our lives. One of the key elements is controlling debt is to get your credit report and check it for accuracy. You can get one free credit report from each of the 3 credit agencies per year.

P.O. Box 2104
Allen, TX 75013

Trans Union, P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022

P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA 30374-0241

Checking your report regularly can also, help you prevent identity theft.

Our 1st guest for 2008- Dr. Taffy Wagner January 2, 2008

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It is so easy to get into debt. The trend in live styles almost require it and along with that debt comes stress which can lead to other emotional and physical problems.

Dr. Taffy Wagner is the co-founder of Journey to Wholeness, which is an organization that mentors couples, individuals, business owners and organizations develop a plan for financial success, educate them on communication strategies and steps for beginning a business financially. She and her husband are members of the American Association of Christian Counselors. They provide one-on-one peer mentoring as well as group mentoring. Dr. Wagner is also a personal finances speaker and counselor. She recently developed “Stair Step Method”, “The Debt Stops Here” and The Debt Stops At The Altar” financial courses and packages.

Dr. Wagner believes in helping people reach their goal of financial harmony and no longer live in financial stress. Dr. Wagner has a Doctorate of Ministry in Biblical Counseling, Master’s of Science in Human Resources Management and several other degrees. She is also a military veteran. Having a diverse background gives her the opportunity to share from different aspects.

Dr. Taffy will be joining us for the first Mom’s Coffee Break of the new year!!! We will be meeting in our new audio DimDim Conference Room, Friday January 3rd at: 8am PST / 9am MNT / 10am CST / 11am EST

Ready for the Holidays? Dec 7th our guest is Pam Sargant December 6, 2007

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This week we thought we would talk about the holidays…how to reduce some of the stress, being with family, how to entertain the kids during gatherings, , taking time for yourself as a woman, etc.

This week our guest is Pam Sargant who is a writer, painter, graphic designer and singer/songwriter.

Please come and join the discussion!

About the Guest

Pam Sargant grew up in a rural Northern Ontario village named Goulais River. She is the oldest of five children and the mother of four.

Pam has written two great books, Mother’s Survival Kit and Christmas Survival Kit.

How did you get started?Mother’s Survival Kit was originally written to promote my online graphics art business. At the time I certainly didn’t realize what I had started. We always loved the creative craft ideas my mother would come up with when we were growing up and it was so much fun coming up with my own. Before I knew it the first book was done and I was starting on the Christmas Survival Kit.

How do you think up your crafts?Some of my craft ideas came from when I was growing up. I took my mother’s ideas, took them apart, and put them back together again. When I’m stuck for an idea, I will gather some craft supplies, take two or three out of the pile randomly, and say to myself “How can these go together?”

Where do you get your ideas for you cartoons?The majority of my cartoons come from real life experiences.

Who are your influences?My mother gave me her love of art and encouraged my creativity. My father gave me his love of music and encouraged me to always do my best. My children have given me endless hours of inspiration and my husband has supported me in everything I’ve done. One of the people I admire the most outside my family is Lynn Johnston creator of the For Better or For Worse cartoon.

Our Guest – Sandra Lynch November 27, 2007

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I would like to welcome Sandra Lynch, a lady Teresa met at the Black Friday Bash on November 23rd.

This week we have the honor to have Sandra as our guest/sponsor at Mom’s Coffee Break to talk with us and teach us a bit about taxes and working at home.

Sandra K. Lynch, CTEC, is a bookkeeper and tax preparer. She knows what the IRS will allow and not allow. She also understands the desperation and hopelessness you feel when you are morbidly obese.

Her report, “Make It Your Business – Literally – To Lose and Maintain Your Weight!” could be the answer to your prayers. The report contains stories and examples that guide you step-by-step in how to set up a legitimate business to support a healthy lifestyle. You will also learn:

  • How to write off your weight loss expenses as business expenses
  • How to follow IRS guidelines to structure your business
  • What the IRS will allow and not allow
  • How to use a medical reimbursement plan for big savings
  • How reconstructive surgery can be a tax deduction
  • How travel and education fees become business expenses

Are you ready to take charge of your life and immediately gain the knowledge, confidence, and hope you need to make changes in your life?

Start right now, this minute, by downloading “Make It Your Business – Literally – To Lose and Maintain Your Weight!” for the affordable price of $9.98.

Receive your report immediately. No waiting for the mail.

Dealing with Difficult Discussions with our Kids…such as divorce November 20, 2007

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Today we had the pleasure of having Author Rosalind Sedacca as our guest speaker. Rosalind talked about her book, How do I tell the Kids about the Divorce, A create a storybook guide to preparing your children-with love.

She explained that this book came from her own heart wrenching experience about 10 years ago when she herself was going through a divorce. She was looking for a way to tell her son about the divorce while trying to make sure he didn’t feel that this adult decision came from anything her son said or did. She created a story book that explained to him about how she and her husband met, and the kinds of things they did when they were dating and when they got married and then tell him about his birth and how happy they both were to have their son in their lives.

We then went on to discuss other difficult situations such as loss of a loved one or pet can be hard situations to talk with our kids about and how to communicate those things with them.

We need to remember to validate our kids feelings and be sure to listen and not place our feelings into their minds.

It is best to remember to do what is best for the child and not be selfish about the situation.

This is the first time we recorded Mom’s Coffee Break and we will have the recording available sometime next week.

Don’t forget about Black Friday Bash! November 23rd November 16, 2007

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Come on…do you really want to FIGHT the crowds and lines on Black Friday?

Of course you don’t and guess what …you don’t have to.

The Solution:



November 23rd


There is going to be TONS of





Huge Discounts

And there is still time if you are interested in being a vendor for only $14

This week on Mom’s Coffee Break – Author Rosalind Sedacca November 13, 2007

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Our chat this week is with Rosalind Sedacca. For more than 20 years she has been an award-winning advertising copywriter … Public Relations and marketing consultant … national speaker … Certified Corporate Trainer and author. In addition to serving her PR and marketing clients, Rosalind applies her own expertise to promoting her new guidebook, HOW DO I TELL THE KIDS ABOUT THE DIVORCE? A CREATE-A-STORYBOOK GUIDE TO PREPARING YOUR CHILDREN – WITH LOVE! She has been interviewed on numerous television and radio shows as well as on webinars and teleseminars across the U.S.

Join me in welcoming a woman who has created a very unique approach to a very difficult situation … Rosalind Sedacca.

OVERCOMING PARENTAL GUILT – when facing Divorce and other Life Challenges
No one’s a perfect parent. And sometimes we overreact by taking our children’s comments too personally. There’s a fine line between having faith in your abilities as a parent and being able to make course corrections when facing new challenges. Rosalind Sedacca, CCT, shares her personal battles with overcoming the guilt connected to her divorce and shares a wealth of wisdom taken from her new guidebook, How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? Every parent will take away valuable insights they can use to bridge emotional gaps with the people closest to their hearts.




Your Passion! November 7, 2007

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This week we have a very special prize from Passion Coach Katherine Reschke, a Passion Snapshot Session with Katherine.

This is an hour long session to assess where you are within the Passion Project and will provide you with a mini action plan to help you get to the next level.

This is a wonderful prize for those that want to get in touch with your passion and overcome the obstacles that are in your way.

To enter in the drawing for this wonderful prize, leave a comment to this post and tell us what your passion is and where your passion is leading you or where you want it to take you.

Good luck everyone!!

Knowing what is right for you! October 31, 2007

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“…and you had 5?” I said in amazement over my shoulder to my grandmother, as I tried to herd my over stimulated, over hyper, little 3 year old pirate into the car. My grandmother just threw her head back and laughed.

My Grandma Maxted had 5 kids in 6 and half years, starting when she was 29 years old, something that just boggled my mind as I chase Logan around the car.

5 little ones running around all 6 years old and younger. I have such great admiration for mothers of more than one child. Not, that Logan is an out of control child, in fact just the opposite. He is a very bright and independed little boy. And the best way to describe his energy level is that he is the boy form of the energizer bunny…he keeps going and going…

With Logan turning 3 years old this year, I have had several people ask me, “So, when are you going to have another?”

ANOTHER?? I just got use to a child that sleeps throug the night, no diapers, and a child that can somewhat follow simple directions. He no longer needs the constant attention that children younger needs.

Don’t get me wrong, there might be a time in the future that I forget about the first year of sleep deprivation that comes with a new baby.

I might even forget the incredible amount of accessories that new babys need, even for a simple visit to grandma’s…as if carrying around the baby in my body for 9 months wasn’t enough…then for the next 2 years I become a pack mule, lugging around the carseat, stroller, diaper bag, playpen and whatever else is needed to keep the precious occupied during the outing.

Maybe if I was a different person or in a different place in my life, I might feel pressured to have another baby, because that is what everyone around me feels that I should do, but I know that is not what is best for me, my family or even a new baby.

Don’t feel pressured into the major decisions in your life, there is always going to be people that feel that they know what is best for you, that have advice on tap, and know exactly what you need in your life, at least in their minds. The reality is that you have to make choices for your life based on what is going to work for you, what is going to help you achieve the life that you want.

Maybe in a couple years we will be welcoming a new addition to our family, then again we might not, either way that decision will be made by me and my husband, not anyone else.