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Passion on Journey to Self and Tonya on The Passion Project February 6, 2008

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Do you know what your passion is and yet feel stuck?

Maybe you feel unmotivated or like you ran out of steam.

This Thursday we have a great show on Journey to Self. Passion Coach, Katherine Reschke will be my guest and we will be talking about how to keep your passion fires burning.

Join us live at 12pm cst / 1pm est at http://blogtalkradio.com/journeytoself
The shows call in number is (347) 215-8942 and we would love to hear from you!

On Friday, I am very honored to join Katherine for her first show of The Passion Project http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thePassionProject at 11am cst / 12pm est. We will be talking about self-esteem and the importance of a solid foundation to build your passions upon. The Passion Project call in number is (347) 215-8725.

Your foundation of self is what you build everything in your life upon, including what you are passionate about. Tune in Thursday and Friday as we talk passionately about passion and self-esteem!


Goal Focusing at Mom’s Coffee Break Chat Friday Jan. 18th January 17, 2008

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We are three weeks into 2008, what is your plan for the New Year?Friday January 18th (10am cst / 11am est) at Mom’s Coffee Breaks we will be talking about goal focusing, so bring your goals and questions!

We will meet at the Life By Design’s online audio conference room:


Hope to “see” you there!!

And don’t forget to get signed up on Mom’s Coffee Breaks Member Area!!
http://mcb.collectivex.com (or go to the Forum and Member’s Area tab and click the ENTER Link)

This week on Mom’s Coffee Break – Author Rosalind Sedacca November 13, 2007

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Our chat this week is with Rosalind Sedacca. For more than 20 years she has been an award-winning advertising copywriter … Public Relations and marketing consultant … national speaker … Certified Corporate Trainer and author. In addition to serving her PR and marketing clients, Rosalind applies her own expertise to promoting her new guidebook, HOW DO I TELL THE KIDS ABOUT THE DIVORCE? A CREATE-A-STORYBOOK GUIDE TO PREPARING YOUR CHILDREN – WITH LOVE! She has been interviewed on numerous television and radio shows as well as on webinars and teleseminars across the U.S.

Join me in welcoming a woman who has created a very unique approach to a very difficult situation … Rosalind Sedacca.

OVERCOMING PARENTAL GUILT – when facing Divorce and other Life Challenges
No one’s a perfect parent. And sometimes we overreact by taking our children’s comments too personally. There’s a fine line between having faith in your abilities as a parent and being able to make course corrections when facing new challenges. Rosalind Sedacca, CCT, shares her personal battles with overcoming the guilt connected to her divorce and shares a wealth of wisdom taken from her new guidebook, How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? Every parent will take away valuable insights they can use to bridge emotional gaps with the people closest to their hearts.




Your Passion! November 7, 2007

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This week we have a very special prize from Passion Coach Katherine Reschke, a Passion Snapshot Session with Katherine.

This is an hour long session to assess where you are within the Passion Project and will provide you with a mini action plan to help you get to the next level.

This is a wonderful prize for those that want to get in touch with your passion and overcome the obstacles that are in your way.

To enter in the drawing for this wonderful prize, leave a comment to this post and tell us what your passion is and where your passion is leading you or where you want it to take you.

Good luck everyone!!

Guest Speaker Katherine Reschke at MCB this Friday!! October 30, 2007

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This Friday we will have guest speaker Katherine Reschke talking about Your Passion! This is going to be a great discussion, Katherine is a wonderful speaker and is passionate about helping people find and monetize their life’s passion.

Grab a cup of coffee and join us this Friday November 2 at 10am cst / 11am est for Mom’s Coffee Break.

About Katherine:
Katherine is a British-born mother of three, living in Wisconsin, USA. She has been lucky enough to work 3 passions – teaching, motherhood and coaching. She loves to help people find and work their Life Passions.

“I am very grateful that I am able to accompany some wonderful people on their journey to a joyful life.” ~ Katherine Reschke

Don’t forget to stop by and visit the Passions that Pay website.

See you at Mom’s Coffee Break, a place where working mothers can take a break, socialize, and engage in great discussions about important topics!!

(Directions to the conference line and text chat room)

A gift for all Mom’s Coffee Break Supporters!! October 26, 2007

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We did not have a discussion for this week, but I would like to offer all of you a 20% discount of any Tupperware you order. 

You need to act quick because I can only offer this until Friday Oct. 26th at 6pm cst / 7pm est.

Go to my Tupperware Site, click Shop at the top and find what you want, e-mail me with:

  1. Your Order
  2. Your Shipping address
  3. The e-mail address you want me to send your invoice too (I will invoice through paypal and you can either pay with a credit card or with your paypal account.)

This is a chance for you to take advantage of a great deal and in the process help me make my quarterly goal…I only need $75 more in orders!

Come on everyone, get some Christmas Shopping done or treat yourself to something special!

Happy Shopping!! 

This week’s sponsor – Nataly from Work it! Mom October 17, 2007

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I found a great working mom community called Work It! Mom this week and so I contacted one of the co-founders, Nataly, to join us this week for Mom’s Coffee Break and she graciously accepted! I hope that each of you will go by and sign up to be a member of this wonderful community.

Here is a bit of what Work It! Mom is all about:

It’s not easy to juggle family and career while maintaining your own sanity. We know because we’re doing this every day. We created Work It, Mom! because we believe that having a community of professional moms who are going through similar experiences and challenges can make that daily juggle a bit more manageable.

So please be sure to join us this Friday at 11amEST/10amCST to meet Nataly and hear more about Work it! Mom and join our discussion about challenges that working moms face. (go here for directions on how to connect to the chat this Friday)

We are working hard to make this site and your experience as positive and useful as it can be. Over the next few months we will be introducing many new features, so please come back often.

MCB this week: Your Work September 25, 2007

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What lead you to be working where you are working?  Whether you own your own company, involved in a MLM company or work a job outside the home…how did you get there?

Is it what you want to be doing?  If not what is your ideal job?

Share your story and you will get entered in this weeks prize (two fabulous e-books) brought to you by our sponsor this week Digital Moms.

Finding a Harmonious Arrangement September 14, 2007

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I wanted to extend the topic of balance to this weeks topic. Balance is on the mind and lips of everyone…how to find it…how to make it work…how to maintain it. It is the topic of much discussion every where I turn.

What exactly is balance?

It is hard to define balance in any detail, because the act of balancing is to find what works for you and your family. What is balance for one would not necessarily work for someone else.

One definition from dictionary.com defines balance as “a harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elements within a whole (as in a design)”.

It is that “harmonious arrangement” that lets us know if we are truely living a life of balance. But, it is not always easy to arrive at that harmonious place in our lives.

Have you found a harmonious arrangement in your life?

Where have or do you struggle?

By commenting on this week’s topic you will be entered into the drawing for this week’s sponsor prize.

Our sponsor for this weeks disucssion is Bea Kunz from Sage Hill Farms and Vintage Store, Bea has generously donated a collection of culinary herbs and teas, with recipes and great “how-to” tips to make wonderful meals (a $50 value).

Attracting a Healthier Lifestyle September 1, 2007

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One of the ingredients to balance in our lives is good self-care and our physcial needs are just as important as our emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

How many times have we let our physcial needs, sleep, eating right, exercising get put at the bottom of our “to-do” list. The law of attraction states the energy that we put out there is what we get back in our lives, what kind of lifestyle are you attracting to you?

This week our sponsor is Carrie Gebbie, Abundance Ambassador of Natural Doctor Mom.com. Not only is she giving away $25 in products from her Natural Doctor Mom site (or entry into your own residual income business, your choice) to the winner, but she is offering a free gift for the whole MCB crowd.

Several months ago, Carrie and I were chatting and she told me about the The Attraction System.

Being a student and teacher of the Law of Attraction I was very interested, so I signed up for this free program. I think this is such a great tool, for all people that want to use the Law of Attraction in their lives. It has a fantastic visualization tool, which I have found is a great way to start my day, and audio lessons on how to use the law of attraction to bring what you want into your life.

Carrie would like to extend and invitation for all to sign up for this free Mastering Attraction Course.

Winner of the $25 of product from Natural Doctor Mom.com or Free entry into your own residual income business, will be drawn from all those that comment on this weeks topic: Attraction a Healthier Lifestyle, on Thursday Sept. 6th.

I can’t wait to hear how all of you attract a healthier life.