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Christmas All Year Long?? Sure..Why Not? January 16, 2008

Posted by coachtonya in Lessons from a child.

My three year old was so disappointed that we finally had to take down the Christmas decorations.  He had so much fun helping us set out the decorations and hanging the bulbs on the tree.  After the tree was up he sat mesmerized by the lights. It was the first year that he really started to understand the true magic of the whole season and he love every second of it.

In fact as we left from the visiting at my brothers house tonight he said Merry Christmas, everyone! with a wave of his hand before we stepped out the door.  In the car on the way home he asked me again why the Christmas trees had to go away.

I again told him that the Christmas trees were only for Christmas time.  Then he started talking about Santa landing on our house when he was asleep, and all the other things we did during Christmas, including listing his favorite presents.

I smiled as I listened to him chatter away, Wow! this is a kid that loves Christmas, and to him the presents were just a bonus, its the lights and the pretties, the fun and the mystery that he loved.

Why cant we have Christmas all year long?

Why cant we see the love, kindness, and laughter that we give and receive from our family as daily presents?  Maybe they aren’t wrapped in a glittery bow, but they are more priceless than any present from under the tree that we unwrapped.

Why cant we share that special time with our children decorating and looking at the beauty and magic of all seasons?

The answer of course, is that we CAN have Christmas all year long, we can take that magic, that feeling of togetherness and carry it throughout the rest of the year as well.  It doesn’t have to end when we take down the Christmas tree and put away the seasonal decorations.

I love the fact that my son is not ready to let go of Christmas, that he can keep it alive in his little boy heart.

And I am proud to learn this lesson from him.



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