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Ready for the Holidays? Dec 7th our guest is Pam Sargant December 6, 2007

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This week we thought we would talk about the holidays…how to reduce some of the stress, being with family, how to entertain the kids during gatherings, , taking time for yourself as a woman, etc.

This week our guest is Pam Sargant who is a writer, painter, graphic designer and singer/songwriter.

Please come and join the discussion!

About the Guest

Pam Sargant grew up in a rural Northern Ontario village named Goulais River. She is the oldest of five children and the mother of four.

Pam has written two great books, Mother’s Survival Kit and Christmas Survival Kit.

How did you get started?Mother’s Survival Kit was originally written to promote my online graphics art business. At the time I certainly didn’t realize what I had started. We always loved the creative craft ideas my mother would come up with when we were growing up and it was so much fun coming up with my own. Before I knew it the first book was done and I was starting on the Christmas Survival Kit.

How do you think up your crafts?Some of my craft ideas came from when I was growing up. I took my mother’s ideas, took them apart, and put them back together again. When I’m stuck for an idea, I will gather some craft supplies, take two or three out of the pile randomly, and say to myself “How can these go together?”

Where do you get your ideas for you cartoons?The majority of my cartoons come from real life experiences.

Who are your influences?My mother gave me her love of art and encouraged my creativity. My father gave me his love of music and encouraged me to always do my best. My children have given me endless hours of inspiration and my husband has supported me in everything I’ve done. One of the people I admire the most outside my family is Lynn Johnston creator of the For Better or For Worse cartoon.



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