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Dealing with Difficult Discussions with our Kids…such as divorce November 20, 2007

Posted by coachtonya in About our Sponsor.

Today we had the pleasure of having Author Rosalind Sedacca as our guest speaker. Rosalind talked about her book, How do I tell the Kids about the Divorce, A create a storybook guide to preparing your children-with love.

She explained that this book came from her own heart wrenching experience about 10 years ago when she herself was going through a divorce. She was looking for a way to tell her son about the divorce while trying to make sure he didn’t feel that this adult decision came from anything her son said or did. She created a story book that explained to him about how she and her husband met, and the kinds of things they did when they were dating and when they got married and then tell him about his birth and how happy they both were to have their son in their lives.

We then went on to discuss other difficult situations such as loss of a loved one or pet can be hard situations to talk with our kids about and how to communicate those things with them.

We need to remember to validate our kids feelings and be sure to listen and not place our feelings into their minds.

It is best to remember to do what is best for the child and not be selfish about the situation.

This is the first time we recorded Mom’s Coffee Break and we will have the recording available sometime next week.



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