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Knowing what is right for you! October 31, 2007

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“…and you had 5?” I said in amazement over my shoulder to my grandmother, as I tried to herd my over stimulated, over hyper, little 3 year old pirate into the car. My grandmother just threw her head back and laughed.

My Grandma Maxted had 5 kids in 6 and half years, starting when she was 29 years old, something that just boggled my mind as I chase Logan around the car.

5 little ones running around all 6 years old and younger. I have such great admiration for mothers of more than one child. Not, that Logan is an out of control child, in fact just the opposite. He is a very bright and independed little boy. And the best way to describe his energy level is that he is the boy form of the energizer bunny…he keeps going and going…

With Logan turning 3 years old this year, I have had several people ask me, “So, when are you going to have another?”

ANOTHER?? I just got use to a child that sleeps throug the night, no diapers, and a child that can somewhat follow simple directions. He no longer needs the constant attention that children younger needs.

Don’t get me wrong, there might be a time in the future that I forget about the first year of sleep deprivation that comes with a new baby.

I might even forget the incredible amount of accessories that new babys need, even for a simple visit to grandma’s…as if carrying around the baby in my body for 9 months wasn’t enough…then for the next 2 years I become a pack mule, lugging around the carseat, stroller, diaper bag, playpen and whatever else is needed to keep the precious occupied during the outing.

Maybe if I was a different person or in a different place in my life, I might feel pressured to have another baby, because that is what everyone around me feels that I should do, but I know that is not what is best for me, my family or even a new baby.

Don’t feel pressured into the major decisions in your life, there is always going to be people that feel that they know what is best for you, that have advice on tap, and know exactly what you need in your life, at least in their minds. The reality is that you have to make choices for your life based on what is going to work for you, what is going to help you achieve the life that you want.

Maybe in a couple years we will be welcoming a new addition to our family, then again we might not, either way that decision will be made by me and my husband, not anyone else.



1. Teresa Morrow - November 12, 2007

I know what you are talking about here Tonya. My mom had 7 kids and I still don’t know how she did it either!! I only have 1 wonderful child and she is the biggest blessing of my life. However, that doesn’t take away how challenging being a parent can be and again I only have 1 child to deal with…I am not sure I could handle many more.
One of the biggest difference that I do see from my mom and myself is that she didn’t work while we were growing up, however, I do because I do not feel that in our household, we could pay the bills with only my husband’s work.
And yes, I concur about making your life decisions for yourself and not because other people want you to do something or not. As my husband would say, “It takes courage to be different and not to follow the masses.” Do what makes you happy…truly happy.
Great topic Tonya!

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