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To my son on this 3 year milestone October 16, 2007

Posted by coachtonya in From Coach Tonya.

It’s hard on a mother’s heart sometimes all the emotions that we have watching our children grow up; from joy of watching them discover the world, to fear that the time is going to pass too quickly or that we are going to miss all those moments that make a imprint on our souls. The real kicker is that our children will never understand until they are holding their own little one in their arms, starting their own journey into parenthood.

One of the greatest lessons that I have learned in my life is to tell the people in your life how you feel about them, especially our children. I wrote a letter to Logan for his 3rd birthday. I know it is over his head right now at 3 years old and that is alright…when he is old enough, this letter and the others will be waiting for him.

To my Son whose laughter is music to my ears and whose smile lights my way in the darkness:

My Dearest Logan,

I watched as you turned 3 years old last week. It already seems like a lifetime that we have spent together, as I watched you grow from a tiny baby into such an independent big boy. From crawling and toddling to running and jumping, it seems like yesterday when I welcomed you into the world. On that day I was also born into motherhood and it has been one of the best and hardest 3 years of my life.

The best because I have come to know this wonderful little boy that fills my life with such joy. A golden haired little prince that gives me super hugs and tells me that he love me too much. The hardest because as I have watched you grow I have had to grow as a mother, learning the ins and outs, worrying about the job that I am doing as your mother, hoping that every decision that I make will help you find your place in this world and your purpose in life.

You are a light in the world. Even at such a young age, you never hesitate to share your smile with someone, to give hugs, or to show your excitement for something that those around you are taking for granted.

I look forward to the years to come, but also have learned to take in each and everyday with you, to live in the moment of us fighting off monsters, or singing to our favorite songs, and of course those times when you stay still long enough for me to give you a cuddle.

With all my love,




1. Teresa Morrow - October 16, 2007

Ok, where is the tissue? Because the tears are rolling down my face…that is so awesome and very sweet!
Great idea to do Tonya for our kids!

2. Katherine Reschke - October 16, 2007

That was so beautifully written it gave me shivers

3. Kim Emerson - October 16, 2007

As if it’s written by every mother to every son. Thank you Tonya! Kim

4. Jenn - October 17, 2007

Oh my gosh – Tonya – That is beautiful!!!! I totally relate to the Super Hugs… Maddie and I do something similar. She stands way across the room and says “It’s time for a super-fast huggie mommy!” And then with all her might, she comes running at me, jumps up to me and squeezes me so tight – isn’t that the best feeling in the world??

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