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MCB this week: Your Work September 25, 2007

Posted by coachtonya in Topics of the Week.

What lead you to be working where you are working?  Whether you own your own company, involved in a MLM company or work a job outside the home…how did you get there?

Is it what you want to be doing?  If not what is your ideal job?

Share your story and you will get entered in this weeks prize (two fabulous e-books) brought to you by our sponsor this week Digital Moms.



1. coachtonya - September 25, 2007

I started Life By Design when I was pregnate with my son. At the time I was working part time for Hospice, going to school part time and working on getting Life By Design up and running.

Shortly after I came back from maternity leave, work was pressuring me to take the Office Manager position, but it was full time and I knew that if I did that I would have to put school on hold again. So, after declining they laid me off. I took the opportunity to collect my unemployment and launch my business and I haven’t looked back….

Running Life By Design, working my other side business, forming new business partnerships is EXACTLY what I want to be doing. I love working with people, educating women and helping them design their own ideal life.

LBD has undergone some awesome growth over this summer and is still growing and transforming into its own true purpose!!

With Empowering Regards,

Tonya Ramsey

2. Teresa Morrow - September 28, 2007


I am proud of the encouraging words that you typed in telling us how you took the “leap” in entrepreneuralship. Mine was a bit more gradual…well, kind of. I had been working in the corporate world in the financial planning industry for about 3 years prior to leaving. My hubby had his floor cleaning business for 25 years and was a sole owner. But as he was expanding his business, I realized he needed to get some help. At first, I helped with the invoicing because he was so tired most of the time after working all day, he didn’t feel like doing that; which is understandable. I began to tell him that he needed to automate his systems to streamline things for himself. So, he purchased quickbooks and that made the invoices and tracking expenses easier. Then he would make subtle comments about me working with him. At first, I didn’t think too much of it and then as my work environment became more stressful, I began thinking about it more and more. So in 2005, I took the leap..and as you said Tonya, I have never looked back. I managed the floor cleaning business for him in regards to the daily operations and then in 2007 I decided that I wanted to begin my own business. That is how Key Business Partners, a virtual assistant and online publicity company was created and I am enjoying creating and growing this business.

So, what makes you wake up in the morning to be excited about owning your own business?


Teresa Morrow
Key Business Partners

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