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Digital Moms September 25, 2007

Posted by coachtonya in About our Sponsor.

The Digital Mom Team is focused on helping Women reach success at home! It provides benefits for many women working from home, not just those wanting to work a new business from home! 

Women wanting to run a Home Business and earn a Residual Income!

We provide a simple business model that will help you earn a recurring income on all active members in your downline!

  • You are paid $5 for each active member in your downline each month!

  • You’re also paid 100% Commission on anything purchased from your estore!

  • You receive free ebooks each week!

Women that run their own site online!

Our membership plan provides you with free digital goods each month! We search for good content Digital Goods and purchase them! Each item we purchase has 100 % resell rights! This means you can turn around and resell these items on your own site and keep all of the profit!

Women wanting to run their own online e-store!

How would you like to have your very own automated estore that is maintained and hosted for you? We find an upload all new products for you so all you have to do is promote your estore and create your customer base!

Now how do you choose which option is best for you?

You don’t have to! Everything above is all in one membership account! When you join you will have access to all of the above!

Some things that we did not mention above is you will also receive team support, team email address, ebook covers to free ebooks and more!

Feel free to visit the Digital Mom Team Site and download DMT FREE Info Pack (just click the Free Info Pack on the left hand side)




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