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Choices on Mom’s Coffee Break, Friday September 21st September 20, 2007

Posted by coachtonya in Events and Invitations.

As we travel on our journey in life we often come to forks in the road…choices that we need to make. Even when we feel that we don’t have a choice, we need to realize that we do.

What are you choosing in your life?

Are you realizing your power in the choices that you make?

Join us Friday Sept.21 st for Mom’s Coffee Break Chat as we discuss The choices we make in our lives and how to we have the power to choose.

8am PST / 9am MNT / 10am CST / 11am EST

In the Prosperity Secrets Conference Room (password is prosperity)

Our Sponsor for this chat is Ginger Marks of DocUmeant Designs. All those that attend the chat has a chance to their choice of an audio book from AudioBook Warehouse.

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1. Lisa Guarino - October 3, 2007

Hi Tonya

I thought about MCB subject on choices and choosing joy over the negative. I take time and try to apply that in more and more situations.
As you know I have two young girls and am home with them. The youngest in potty training.
To begin this story I have to go back to August. The summer can be so busy when you have children home. I was feeling the stress at times, and it wasn’t good. We live two blocks from an elementary school. One stressing morning, as I was driving by the school, I got pulled over. I was going 30mph in a 20mph zone. When the cop approached me, I was flushed but not mad. I gave him my registration,which consisted of two registrations. He helped me pick the right one and could see how flushed I was (yet not mad-my thoughts were “one more thing today, ok ok-i’m doing it again). He saw on my record I had never got a ticket and i’m 41. He told me to go to the court and they’ll dismiss it since I have an excellent driving record. I said, sorry and thanked him. As I drove away, I realized the message coming thru. Slow down and stop stressing so much.
I did go to the court and it did get dismissed because I showed up and it was a first violation.
Jump to present day. I’m implementing steps to be less stressed and be in more positive energy.
Funny, but one day I saw an article at yahoo about road rage and felt drawn to read it. They touched on the point that a lot of people view their driving as it was a solo event, and others just get in the way. When in reality, it is more of a group event, flowing with traffic.
That we need to adjust our mindset. We also need to refocus and stress less when driving. Realize that people reacting in a negative way is not about you, but about them having some negative/problems that may be affecting them. They advise to not “participate with” them by reacting back, but to stay calm and not react . Realize they will be out of the way soon.
Today I was driving my youngest to preschool. I was driving within the speed limit, not feeling rush. Someone behind me honked, then continued honking because they felt I was going too slow . Well, I decided to not react, and not even get mad. I just focused on my goal to get my daughter safely to school. I felt good about getting my daughter happily to school. As I got to the school and the left turn into the parking lot, my way was clear and open (no cars). I turned smoothly into the parking lot and into a space. Because I was in a peaceful frame of mind, my daughter only noticed some sound that had been behind us. She didn’t have any idea of any negatives. She asked me what was that. I said, oh just someone honking. She loves sounds and knows what honking sounds like. She playfully said, honk, honk. It brought a small smile to my face.
The joy energy continued.
We went into the school. I gave her a “yellow” person marker to place in her name pocket, and she found it right away. Then when I took her to her classroom door, one of the teachers handed me the school’s photo album, which they pass around to each family so they can see pictures of their kids in class. I felt so thankful. When I got out to the car, I opened it up and Amanda’s picture was the first one. And of course so cute. Thank you, thankyou.
I also thought for a moment about that person who honked at me and wished them a better day.
So keep the positive energy flowing.

2. coachtonya - October 3, 2007


Thank you so much for sharing this story! What an inspiration for all. I am so glad that you are finding that inner peace that comes with focusing on the positive. Reading your story made my day!!

With Empowering Regards,

Tonya Ramsey

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