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Big lessons come from the smallest of creatures September 7, 2007

Posted by coachtonya in From Coach Tonya.

Yesterday afternoon as I was leaving to run to the store, when I opened the back door I notices a cracker that Logan had dropped was swarming with tiny ants. The cracker was about the same size as a goldfish cracker and it was covered, I could hardly tell was it was at first until I more closely inspected it.

I have to admit that I was fascinated. Watching all those ants working like a well oiled machine. Because there were literately over a hundred tiny ants swarmed around the cracker after I called my husband and son down to watch, I decide that I would move the cracker outside on near the door, and I even threw in a second cracker to compensate the move.

After the great ant relocation I ran to the store and came back home. I was gone for about 15 minutes and by the time that I got back the ants had successfully moved and now where swarming both crackers.

It made me think of how amazing the ant really is, and how many lessons we can learn from this tiny fellow creature.

Their determination is awe-inspiring, here are one of the smallest creatures on this planet and yet they are determined to one step at a time to fulfill their job. They by far are the best example of what can be accomplished through teamwork, and there organization is beyond compare.

Think about this:

What could you accomplish in your life if you had the teamwork of your family?

How could you benefit from better organization?

Where could your determination take you?

What could you gain from being more ant-like?



1. halfawake - September 7, 2007

The “Nature” podcast recently described some research on ants that cross small holes in the ground by literally filling the hole with their own bodies, forming an “ant bridge” that the other ants could walk across. They are a good model for teamwork.

2. Jenn Givler - September 8, 2007

Ya know, this is so interesting that you posted about ants… I just recently had a HUGE surge in my business – TONS of stuff going on. Which I love… Naturally, I thrive when I’m really busy and have a lot going on.

This summer was a bit relaxed, and I had allowed myself to let go of some things – and all of the sudden, I realized I had started fearing being “too busy.” I had a discussion with one of my coaches about it and she said, “well, you can stay where you are, or you can embrace being busy, attract it, and see what happens!”

So, I attracted lots of fabulous things, they all hit at once and I am in my absolute GLORY!

Your story of the ants makes me relfect on my busy-ness and business. For me – when I’m busy, I’m at my best. I’m the most organized when I have a ton going on. The more I get to do, the more I can fit into my schedule. The more I am involved in, the better my confidence, the stronger my drive, the bigger my determination.

Now luckily, I am also a great delegator and my family really pitches in.

I think that’s important too… Yes, I’m busy and I love it, but I also have HELP. I can’t do it all on my own, and I don’t even try. I’m a Super woman – but I don’t have to be SuperWoman 😉

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