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Releasing August 10, 2007

Posted by coachtonya in MCB Prize give-a-ways.

I am so excited about our contest this week!

Our topic is Releasing, to get entered for this week’s FABULOUS prize, please leave a comment and share what you have either released from your life that has made a big difference, or what you are working on releasing from your life.

Our sponsor this week is Elizabeth McElrath of Sonshine Health. Hang on to your hats, this is the prize package that Elizabeth donated for this week’s prize give-a-way:

  • herbal sample package
  • a health and wellness e-book
  • a free health analysis and initial consultation.

A name will be drawn from everyone that leaves a comment on Wednesday August 15th



1. coachtonya - August 10, 2007

I thought I would get everything rolling! One thing in my life that I have been able to release that has made a world of difference in my life is worry. I use to worry all the time…about everything under the sun.

When I decided that I could not live my life that way, I decided to let go of my worry and trust that what will happen, will happen in its own time. Instead of worry I release those thoughts to the universe and trust that everything will turn out wonderful!

I was amazed at not only how free it made me, but how much more productive I could be with my time when I did not spend it worrying.

Can not wait to hear from everyone else!

With Empowering Regards,


2. Maryella Blundo - August 10, 2007

HI Tonya,

I let go of all the negative energy in my life. Every time I have a thought like, “Oh I know I cannot afford that”, I immediately turn it into “I can afford that car and one 10 times better, just watch me” and somehow, the situation turns around or the money is just there for me.

Everyone should try turning the negative to a positive thought the moment is leaves there mind. It makes a world of difference.

Love and light to everyone!

Dream Come True Travel

(giggling, with a business name like mine, how can you carry negative for very long)

3. Renee Talbot - August 11, 2007

I am working on releasing the fear of not being authentic.
Do not laugh and say it is nothing to “Get over.”
This fear causes analysis paralysis in life, and Life, the ability to Love, Laugh, and Dance, and Sing Out, doesn’t happen.
In all effect, You become invisible, not God’s Unique Fingerprint to impact the world in Ways akin to an Atomic Bomb.
My message:
Love with all Your being,
Live InSpirit,
Affect life with a Big Bang.
Do not live in Fear, or Fear itself will strangle Life and Purpose.

Within Spirit,
*Renee Danielle Talbot-

4. Diana Nott - August 11, 2007

Tonya, this is a fantastic topic. And even though I’m not a WAH mom, the coincidence of what I’ve started doing and you’re topic for this week inspire me to blab…

I started working on releasing negative self-image and negative self-talk.

Earlier in the week I began taking my dog for walks again. Previously I was so stuck in this mode of feeling like an embarrassing blob that I let my daughter walk him and I played with him in the back yard to avoid being seen by the general public.

Today was a “spoil me” day where I went and got my nails done (Oh how I missed thee!), went and got a new hair color (three actually) and got an eyebrow wax. I didn’t *need* the wax, but OMG it’s amazing what a simple $5 thing will do. It makes me feel like my face is cleaned up.

Next week I look into a weight loss program. I may or may not be able to afford it, but just going in to speak with someone when I’ve been so afraid for so long makes me feel good.

I know it may be difficult to maintain at times, but I have realized where much of my self-loathing comes from (yay for my sister’s therapist!) and I’m actually aware of it. Awareness makes such a difference. It allows me to have perspective on various points in my life that I wouldn’t normally have. And, much to my husband’s pleasure, it’s allowed me to regain an openess and passion that I’ve been missing and let me be romantic with him without having those negative concerns that have kept me from being the wife and lover that I want to be.

I know now that I am a viable and even valuable person. With these realizations and actions, I feel emotionally lighter and I’m not as afraid of the future as I have been. I am actually looking forward to the next stage of growth in my life. This is something totally new and exciting for me.

Thank you for the great topic and creating a point of reflection for me.

Blessings and Love 🙂

5. coachtonya - August 12, 2007

Maryella ~ Overcoming negativity is a huge step for most. I know that it was a challenge for me, not only to overcome my own negativity, but not to let others negativity get to me as well!

Renee ~ I can relate very much to what you said. Releasing fear, not matter what kind is huge to being able to be free to design the life that we want. There is a fabulous quote that I received from the Universe from http://www.tut.com. “Fear, can only be experienced when one pretends they’re not in control.” It really makes you think!

Diana ~ First of all, everyone is welcome here at Mom’s Coffee Break! I am so glad that you stopped by and shared with us. It sounds like you have made a very important realization! Good for you!! Our sense of self is the window that we look at the world through. If it is not the best it can be we are not seeing the world and the opportunities that the world offers as clearly as we could.

I am excited about each one of your journeys! It is so great to remind ourselves how far we have come and gain the insight to were we want to go.

With Empowering Regards,


6. Mandy S. - August 12, 2007

I have released the desire and need to change people that I love, i.e. boyfriend, parents, friends and love them for who they are, faults and all. I realize that I cannot depend on anyone else to make me happy, I have to do that all by myself. When somebody makes a mistake it is not my fault nor do I have to make excuses for them. If there is a quality about a person that I do not like I ask myself ” Is it important enough that it should be addressed? Can I live with this issue for the rest of my life?” If the answer is no I end that relationship and move on.
Most people in life try to change everyone around them to fit them into their lives. Everyone is unique and should be loved for it.
Thank you for you continuing support and helping me to grow into the person I want to be.
Mandy S.

7. Yvonne - August 13, 2007

Hi Tonya,

About 12 years ago I took the decision that I wanted to live my own life and released the urge to feel responsible for my parents lives. Since I am a only child and my mother made me feel like I was responsible for them from the time I was about 12 years old, that was a big step for me. To do this I had to make a very drastic change in my life and I chose to pack 2 suitcases and move to the Dominican Republic. I had no home, not job and no money, but I made it work. I felt guilty for a while, but released that guilt also after I felt so good about myself for daring to do what I did and making it work!!

Levittown, NY

8. coachtonya - August 15, 2007

Mandy ~ This is a huge one in our lives, to realize that we only have control over ourselves. There is a great quote on my website, “You can learn from people, and educate others, but the only one you can change is yourself.” ~Dan D. Limon

Yvonne ~ Congrats to you! Releasing the false sense of responsibility that we feel for others really helps us focus on creating the lives that we want.

Thank you both for your comments!

With Empowering Regards,

Tonya Ramsey

9. Teresa Morrow - August 20, 2007

It is so great to see these great comments about releasing from other women. We are so hard on ourselves so often and feel like we have to apologize for wanting to have something for ourselves. I applaud each of you for doing something for yourself. I know that I too have had to go through similar situations. Of feeling that I had to do it all but then leave no time for ourselves. I have really been much better about this for myself in the last 6 months. I have asked for help when I have needed it and “declared” my time for me.

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