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The 3 R’s Challenge July 7, 2007

Posted by coachtonya in Events and Invitations, From Coach Tonya.

Greetings all!!

We had a fantastic Mom’s Coffee Break on Friday!! I offered up a challenge to those in attendance and would like to expand it to include anyone that wants to participate.

Here it is:

For the next week make a choice to practice the 3 R’s (Rest, Renew, and Release – descriptions below) add a comment here to let us know you are participating. Then come back and let us know how its going.

Everyday for the next week (7 days) :

Get plenty of rest: I challenge you all to get enough sleep, set a bedtime and stick with it!

Allow yourself to renew: Spend time doing something for yourself! Play with your kids, meditate…whatever helps you renew yourself…do it!

Release those things that are not working towards the betterment of your life: Now, is the time to release old thoughts, actions, habits, etc…that do not add positively to your life. Use “Letting Go” exercise (see below) to help you get rid of what is not working for you.

Letting Go exercise: Take some time in either meditation or reflection to figure out what you need to release. On a piece of paper at the top write RELEASE and put what you need to release. On the back at the top write ALLOW, and put what you want to allow in your life instead.

For example, if you are releasing negative thoughts, then you would be allowing, positive thoughts. If you are releasing hurt feelings, then you could put that you allow healing, and so on.

When you are done, burn the paper (in a fire proof container) and visualize what you are releasing, floating away with the smoke. Then visualize what you are allowing as glowing light entering you body.

You may repeat this as many times as you come across more things that you want/need to release.

For those that are participating in the 3 R’s Challenge I will be sending you a link to download for free Self-Nurturing for the Nurturer, a great e-Book that reminds us that we need to take care of ourselves.



1. Kit - July 8, 2007

I’d like to take part in the challenge. We’ll be going on a long weekend’s holiday from Thursday though, so I won’t be online from then.

2. Kim - July 8, 2007

I am going to participate. I look forward to focusing on the three R’s. We’ve had a lot going on and I think I’ll enjoy it.


3. Carole - July 8, 2007

I would like to take part in the challenge also. I am ready to rest, renew and release:)
Many blessings

4. Sandy - July 9, 2007

this challenge is a God send. I would love to participate. I look forward to a wonderful week.

5. coachtonya - July 9, 2007

WOOHOO!! I am so glad that all of you joined the 3 R’s challenge.

Here’s to a wonderful week!!

With Empowering Regards,


6. Teresa Morrow - July 12, 2007

I am all in for this challenge! This is a great idea and sometimes we need a challenge to change our ways in order to better our lives. Thanks for doing this Tonya!

You are doing what you should be doing – it is your calling!


Teresa Morrow
Key Business Partners

7. Teresa Morrow - July 12, 2007

I was so excited about this challenge, I wanted to spread the word to more mothers, so I posted about it at:

8. Teresa Morrow - July 16, 2007

Well, Tonya, I am back to tell you the results from my 3R’s challenge.
1) Rest -I set up a bedtime for myself for 12:30pm. I have to say by doing this, I felt refreshed and allowed me to focus better on my business. ( I believe this was a catalyst that helped me be able to write 2 articles that I had started awhile back)
2) Renew – This was fun for me. For my renewal, I choose to give myself a pedicure, paint my nails, and purchase some of my favorite magazines I haven’t read in a couple of months. I even gave myself time to read the magazines while sitting in bed, watching food TV and drinking coffee – it was absolutely spectacular!
3) Release – I took control over a situation that I knew wasn’t the best for me, even though the conversation was an uncomfortable one. It was difficult at first because I felt I had done something wrong (even though I knew I did the right thing) and then I started allowing everything to bother me and my inner critic came out in spades. A sweet friend of mine, Kim Emerson, had mentioned that due to this unfortunate conversation/situation that the inner critic may come out and try to “rear it’s ugly head” and it certainly did. However, the good part about it was that once I realized the reason for the inner critic was there, I quieted my inner critic and told myself that everything takes time.
Bonus for me: I was able to start a “renewal” of things that I have need to do for myself and it was if I reclaimed what was important for me. I cleaned my house . I know that doesn’t sound like something that would be important but it is to me. I like to have my house in a clean state and it felt good to have the time in order to do this. Also, I restarted my exercise regimen and that felt spectacular. (Just to let you know, I am in the process of losing 8 lbs by my 36th b-day on Sept. 2nd. That is 7 weeks away, so it is a very doable and reachable goal. If anyone would like to join me in my weight loss/healthy journey…just let me know. I would love to have a workout/healthy co-supporter.

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