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Precious Moments June 22, 2007

Posted by coachtonya in From Coach Tonya, Lessons from a child.

We all have those priceless moments that live in our hearts forever, that will always be one of those memories that is the clearest and the brightest. I had one of those moments tonight…

Bedtime was drawing close and Logan came to me with a request. “Momma, play shake it” he said as he put both of his arms up in the air. Of course I knew what he was talking about…a couple of days ago, I had downloaded two of our newest favorite songs from the Curious George Soundtrack on to my computer. And they happened to be great for “shaking it” as Logan puts it.

I couldn’t resist, I put on the first song, “Shake it, momma” Logan said as he pulled me out of my chair into the middle of the room. I followed his lead as he danced in a circle, his little arms and legs keeping up with the jungle-like beat of the music. I too, was dancing, as the saying says, like no one was looking…letting the sheer joy take over. Then Logan took my hands and we danced together in a circle. I twirled him around and as his blue eyes sparkled, he threw his head back letting the sweet sound of little boy laughter fill the room.

“Sing! Momma” he said between giggles. He didn’t care, if the singing was out of key or if the words weren’t right, he just knew somewhere in his little heart, the simple uncomplicated joy of singing…so we started to sing as we danced.

As the music from the first song faded into the second song, Logan found some empty plastic pop bottles, which he promptly started tapping together to the rhythm of next song. We sang and danced around…without missing a beat I transformed a nearby stool into a drum. Logan joined me, even giving me one of the bottles to use a a drumstick.

No matter how much time passes, I will hold the memory of tonight forever. It was a chance for us both to let ourselves be free. A time of bonding and connecting, of laughing and letting ourselves be silly. There will probably be many more times like this, but tonight will stand out in my memories, it was a flawless flow of energy, love, and joy.

I let go of all the adulthood hang ups and was a child again, no worry, no doubt…just fun.

Although life may get in the way, we need to let more of these pure moments into our lives. More importantly, we need to be willing to let any unexpected moment be a chance to free ourselves from the ordinary and let our spirit run free. Whether its dancing with your two-year-old, or singing your favorite song loud and proud, let your inner child play…the adult in you will be grateful for the break!



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