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It’s Me! June 20, 2007

Posted by coachtonya in From Coach Tonya, Lessons from a child.

This morning as I went to wake Logan up, our dog, Desirrae (pronounced how it is spelled Des-ir-rae) followed me into his room. After my little one told me good morning, he turned around to the dog and said, “Hi Desrae, It’s me…Logan”

“It’s me…” is Logan’s newest little catch phrase. You have to admire the lack of shyness that some toddler’s have and the way that they announce their presence to the whole world. It is before they start caring about what others think.

I think that a toddler’s struggle to be heard in the world, to discover who they are. It is not unlike the struggle that we go through later in life when we start looking for our path, our life’s purpose.

When in our life do we stop being who we are and start worrying about what other’s think?

When do we stop announcing ourselves to the world with a, “It’s me…” ?

We can all learn a lesson from toddlers, look at how much they go through to just become their own little person, a struggle that we repeat throughout our lives.

Remember who you are and don’t change it or hide it to please others!!

Announce proudly, allowing it to echo off the far corners of the universe, “IT’S ME!”



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