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Never too old to visit Sesame Street June 19, 2007

Posted by coachtonya in From Coach Tonya.

If you are like me, I grew up watching Sesame Street…I remember the letter of the day, Big Bird and all his friends, all the great places like the fix-it shop and Hooper’s Store…

Sesame Street may have changed some, but the old familiarity is still there. Everyday, my 2-year-old son and I watch clips on the computer, mostly the songs. Honestly, it is my favorite time of day. We watch some of the old ones from my childhood like “C is for Cookie” and “Rubber Ducky”, but I am delighted to see the new ones, like Elmo, Big Bird, and Harry singing “Happy to Meet You” with Celene Dion.

As an adult I can see the messages in the songs more clearly than as a child. One of my favorite songs, as we travel through the music of Sesame Street is “One Small Voice” sung by Elmo and the Backstreet Boys with a monster ensemble. The chorus of the song is “One small voice, can teach the world a song.”

Think about the power in those words. It is a fabulous message for our children, as well as one that we should embrace.

Each one of us has the power to let our voices be heard, whether it is through our businesses, through the we pass on to our children, or being a leader. Each one of us can make a contribution to this world! There is no such thing as big or small, it is the fact that we make it that counts.

We all should be so lucky to go back to visit old childhood friends and listen to the simple lessons they teach, even though adulthood may be filled with pitfalls and cynicism, it can be filled with empowerment and love for ourselves and others.

I encourage you to take some time to embrace the messages that we give our children, sometimes we teach them without living them. Think about how much more enriched your life will be if you take time to not only teach our children, but show them by example how one person can create great things in their life!

Even a song sung by monsters can inspire you! One Small Voice



1. coachtonya - June 19, 2007

Hi Tonya:
An inspiring message to families!

Jackie O’Neal

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