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Overcoming Self-Sabotage June 1, 2007

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Accomplishing goals can be a daunting task; especially, when one has to overcome obstacles in order to reach the desired result. It is easy to identify external obstacles that block our goals. Yet, those are not the only obstacles that stand in the way. Often times we have internal obstacles that prevent us from following through on our goals.Think about your goals and the course of action that you have taken to move towards them. Are you where you want to be? Have you accomplished your goals despite obstacles? If not, take a moment and think about what has held you back from your success. Are you justifying the lack of progress towards your goals on something external? What most people forget to consider is internal obstacles that prevent them from moving forward, often times it is a subtle, almost unknown to the conscious mind.

Not truly feeling you are worth your goals, or worth the time it takes to put into accomplishing your goals, often lies at the heart of unconscious self-sabotage. If you do not feel that you are worth your goals then all efforts are futile. Check in with yourself by doing a self-evaluations to see if you are the one that is indeed holding back your own progress. It can manifest itself as in many ways.

Procrastination: putting off action steps or things that need to be done, or tasks that you find unpleasant. Procrastination also puts undue stress and can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed on a person because eventually what is put off needs to be done, by that time tasks have piled up.

Indecision: not having a decisive action plan or going back and forth about your course of action. Indecision can lead to self-doubt in your abilities.

Acting as “Lone Ranger” or martyr: not asking for help when you need it, not utilizing resources that are available to you, not seeking out education that you need to.

Not saying “no” when you need to over commits yourself and does not leave time for you to work on your goals, it is important for you to put you and your goals first before considering other requests.

Not saying “yes” to opportunities that will lead you to your goals. Lack of self-confidence or self-esteem could lead you to pass on opportunities that would benefit you.

Tolerating conditions that are not conducive to your goals instead of changing them

Not being truthful with yourself or others

Overcoming self-sabotage can be difficult, that is why it is best to start with the source. Why are you procrastinating? Why do you not say “yes” or “no” at the times you need to? What are you not being honest about? When you find out the reason behind the behavior, you are on the way to overcoming your internal obstacles and will be able to get to working on your goals.

© Copyright 2007
Tonya Ramsey



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